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Web Design and CMS Integration services, based in Wookey near Wells, Somerset, UK.

My name is Dylan Sheppard, I am an independant freelance web developer. I specialize in developing bespoke websites and web applications.

With more than 10 years experience working with ASP, PHP, Java, HTML, and CSS I have developed several in-house modular Content Management Systems (CMS) ideal for both large and small websites that require easy-to-manage dynamic content.

My Services

» Website development

I can work with you to create a unique and easy to manage website for your business, hobby, gamer network, social network, chat forum, blog, or anything really.

Pricing on quotation, as a guide a bespoke blog site will cost around £200.

» Website overhauls

I also offer complete website overhauls and CMS integration for "outdated" and poorly performing websites.

Just contact me to find out how I can improve Google ranking, page load times, reduce spam, reduce bandwidth, improve data redundancy, and save on server overheads.

Pricing on quotation, as a guide it costs around £200 for CMS intergration into an existing static html website with 8 or less pages.

» Web hosting and Domains

My systems and websites are hosted on a high contention dedicated server here in the UK.

Pricing on quotation, typically a <50 page website will cost £80 per year hosting.

All websites hosted include 1 free domain name and unlimited technical support.

» Keeping you up to date

My CMS Systems are constantly evolving and any updates will be rolled out to your website automatically. This includes any future security patches.

Websites are regularly HTML and CSS validated to ensure compliance with the latest HTML and CSS technologies.

You will be sent daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reports to your email inbox, and you can even configure custom alerts/goals to alert you to any events of interest.*

» Security

I operate intelligent bot filters, spam filters, and firewalls to block unwanted visitors and help keep your website safe, these systems are self-learning to help prevent future intrusions. I also collect extensive audit logs, and review them regularly to make sure nothing is slipping through the net.

All personally identifiable information is stored using AES 256bit key encryption - and all passwords stored using the latest salted cryptography methods, currently bcrypt.

No card details are ever stored on, and shall never pass through our servers. Card payments are done through a secure 3rd party company of your choice.

» Search Engine Optimization

To get the best possible return from your website it needs to be seen, and to get seen you need a good listing on Google. My CMS systems are designed to maximize your listing potential, and I can also provide user logins specifically for 3rd party SEO management.

I do not provide Google or Social Media marketing, however my systems are designed to be SEO and Social Media friendly and all websites are provided pre-optimized.

» Web applications

I don't just develop websites. I can also provide development and hosting of bespoke web applications such as: customer management systems, intranet systems, tracking systems, and Application Programming Interface (API) systems used for intergration into other services.

» Database Design

Ask about MySQL and Microsoft Access database design, development, and optimization.

» Website Management & Data Entry

I also offer affordable website managment and data entry, from only £9 per hour.

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Refrences available on request.

* Feature currently not in service - coming soon.